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» What is a Wholesale Deal?

A Wholesaler Buys Low and Sells Low.

A Wholesaler adresses a Distressed Seller's situation and prevents a looming Foreclosure otherwise.

A Wholesale deal, as the name suggests, is an undermarket valued deal. Normally 20-30% undermarket to Retail Priced deals.

Unlike a Wholesale transaction, Retail property transaction are market value deals but would typically need 60-90 days on market, showings by the Realtor, and they all need to be Appraised because there is a 3rd party lender (like a Bank, VA or FHA loans).

But sellers are sometimes distressed financially, due to a Foreclosure looming from a Bank, Tax, or Family reasons such as sickness.

This needs immediate Cash outlay to solve the Seller issue.

As a distressed seller unfortunately, does not have the "Luxury of Time".

That is when Wholesalers come into play. They strike the deal by paying with Cash and promise a quick closing (normally between 1 - 2 weeks). The Wholesaler clears outstanding Taxes, Liens, Family claims, City Blights, outstanding Utilities (like Water, Electricity) etc. And converts the Purchase to a Warranty Deed. They are the middle men who can pickup properties undermarket and add their Assignment fee and offload to savvy Investors quickly.

A Wholesaler Buys Low and Sells Low.

We only Facilitate these transactions and bring Wholesaler deals directly to end Investors. 

Investor will be buying direct from a Wholesaler and will buy with Equity upfront as ther maybe a Rehab required, to create Equity on purchase.

1) Distressed Vs Normal Seller

Wholesaler Deal Investors buys direct Cashflowpositive.com

2) Wholesaler Process

Wholesaler process Cashflowpositive.com

3) Investor buys Direct from Wholesaler/ Trader

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