Why Invest in Detroit

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Why invest in Detroit
  • Detroit is the number 1 Gentrifying City in America

  • Google is investing more than $17 million into its two Michigan locations in Detroit's Little Caesars Arena and in Ann Arbor (June 2019)

  • Fiat-Chrysler announce US$ 4.5 Billion Investment in Jeep Plant in Detroit East (May 2019).

  • Google's Waymo, Detroit plant is the world's first factory dedicated 100 percent to the mass production of autonomous cars.

  • LinkedIn has opened a new office on Woodward.

  • Just blocks away, global wealth management firm UBS opened a new office.

  • Global retailer H&M is close to opening its first Detroit location.

New Constructions in Detroit - Cashflowpositive.com
  • New Constructions like this 8 Unit Town homes are coming up in around the Down town Detroit.

  • Where once a Blighted property stood these are the new Developments.

  • The top 10 U.S. markets for hotel construction activity were New York City; Dallas; Los Angeles; Houston; Atlanta; Nashville, Tennessee; Austin, Texas; Orlando, Florida; Detroit; and Charlotte, North Carolina. - https://tinyurl.com/y6oqmaol

Why invest in Detroit
  • 4.3 Million - Metro Detroit Population

  • $56,000 - Household Income

  • 5.7% - Unemployment rate (July 2018 Statistics)

  • Detroit is in the top 10 nationwide in construction job growth

  • Detroit has the second highest rent-to-value ratio in the country

  • The metro area is home to General Motors, Ford Motor Company, Chrysler ("The Big 3")

  • Fiat Chrysler to invest $1 billion in Metro Detroit Plant

Why Invest in Detroit


  • New QLine metro rail system connects the city

  • The office-vacancy rate is the lowest in a decade, standing at 11.3% in the past three months of 2018.

  • Detroit is also home to over 30 Fortune 500 companies, including Penske Automotive, Quicken Loans, Kellogg, Whirlpool, and Walmart.

  • Plans are underway for a multi billion new Detroit Subway according to DTA

  • Below are the proposed stops

  • New QLine metro rail system connects the city

  • $1billion Skyscraper construction is underway in Downtown

  • In the last 7 quarters in Detroit, home values have grown at a faster pace than in any other city in the U.S.

  • Detroit now has more renters than homeowners

Why Invest in detroit
  • S&P Case-Shiller Index Confirms Detroit's Real Estate Market is Red-Hot

  • Millennial population is growing rapidly in downtown Detroit, bringing new, trendy stores, and lot of Tech jobs following

  • Detroit a top job market for millennials, LinkedIn says. LinkedIn lists about 39,700 job openings in the Greater Detroit Area in IT, Marketing, Advertising & Automation.

  • Redefined Downtown with new restaurants, walkways, cinemas.

  • Demand for good Rental properties is on a steady rise with rents increasing 17% through the city in 2018.

Why Invest in Detroit
  • $650million spent on sports centre and renovating the arena district.

  • Canada is just 5 minutes drive across the Bridge from downtown Detroit

  • Major Attractions include Detroit Tigers, Detroit Lions, Detroit Red Wings, Wayne State University, University of Michigan, Beaumont Hospital, Fox Theater and a brand new multi million dollar bridge to Canada being built.

  • Current housing shortage of tenanted property due to increased demand

  • Detroit is being re-born as Car manufacturing, Driverless technology, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Aerospace, Medical & healthcare Bio-techs and alternate fuel cells in Battery innovation companies flock into Detroit.

Why Invest in Detoit


  • This graph shows the GDP of the Detroit metro area from 2001 to 2017. In 2017, Detroit's GDP amounted to 260.61 billion U.S. dollars.

  • Home to America's big three - Ford, General Motors and Fiat Chrysler.

  • Detroit is the 'Motor City,' where local investors and international companies alike are gathering to invest in new car technologies - like driverless and fuel cells etc.

  • Detroit's fastest growing industries are in sectors as diverse as healthcare, defense, aerospace, IT and logistics.

  • According to Zillow, the median housing sale trends in Detroit has had a 12% year-to-year increase which shows sustainable growth which will only increase with all these external factors that make Detroit houses a prime real estate investment.

Why Invest in Detroit
  • Tenanted Brick properties for Prices for as little as $25,000

  • Minimum 12% annual rental income

  • Fully managed properties

  • We source the Best price for our repairs and Innovate in property management where we come up with great ideas to save costs. For instance, we would source newer second-hand items (like appliances & carpet) but under warranty items that could go into your rental for less than a third of the original price.

  • We keep you the Investor fore-front in our service delivery model.

  • We target Brick properties in stable neighborhoods between $30,000 and 75,000 properties which return between 700 and 1800 per month. So get in touch with us to see how we can help you Invest in Detroit with confidence.

  • Because in DETROIT there is "ROI" = DET-ROI-T!

Detroit Property Cycle Clock

Just a thought for consideration:

New York City was considered C Minus Property Market in the late 80s and early 90s.

Crime, Corruption, and Poor Public administration. 

And Look at where the City is now.

Savvy investors bought apartments in Brooklyn for 20-30K and are now worth 1.5 million plus.

They managed to hold on despite the headaches, ups and downs.

Gentrification and Lifecycles of a City from Boom to Bust to Boom again are very real.

And it happens in every City - from Ancient Rome to modern Beijing.

Pick the right City with attributes and drivers for growth, and follow the money trail.

Where are the Investments going in?

Fiat Crysler just announced a 4.5 billion dollar Jeep plant on the east side of Detroit (18.May.19).

Greektown casino was bought for 1 billion dollars today by investors seeing the potential (23.May.19).

Investors who bought in Downtown Detroit (CBD) in 2015-16 have already seen their investments surge.

The believers argue that the cascades are now on to the Detroit suburbs and it's metro.

And there is REAL opportunity for those seeking High Yields and Cap Growth.

Just my humble thoughts,

Happy and successful investing,

Kind regards,

Bala Apparao.

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