Today's Live Footage in Detroit: Palmer Woods Historic District

We would like to introduce you to our new Youtube Channel where we will be showcasing different aspects of Detroit. From neighborhoods and downtown events to interviewing our tenants and local residents, we will be displaying live footage of what life is really like in this city.

This is Alia Cobb, one of our property managers in Detroit, MI. Prior to her starting her real estate career which is where her heart truly lies, she was working at Delta Airlines. Naturally being in the airline industry, travel also become a strong passion of hers. In her spare time, she enjoys riding motorcycles, reading good books and catching up on her weekly shows while cuddled up with her fur babies. She has 2 black cats, whom are sisters that were adopted from a rescue shelter and a sweet, golden pitbull boy. Alia was born in Moscow, Russia but has resided in Detroit for most of her life and is thrilled to be hosting these showcases.

Please click on the video above to view our first showcase for Palmer Woods.

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